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“It is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay.”

Gandalf the Grey, The Hobbit – The Unexpected Journey


Intent... Compassion... Humility... Hope

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Lisa is an attorney and former prosecutor, but after twenty years as an FBI Special Agent and never finding one X-file, she gave-up and retired.* Lisa now pens stories where, unlike reality, justice always prevails, actions have consequences, and everything turns out all right in the end. She likes the image of Karma and Nemesis kicking ass then relaxing with a good cup of coffee and a caramel blondie. Hey, life can’t all be about work. Speaking of which, Lisa’s story ideas seem to come most often while she’s messing in the kitchen, puttering with her sunflowers, overindulging on chocolate or jogging with friends along the shores of Lake Erie. The husband helps too, especially if there’s freshly baked goodies in it for him. But don’t count on Bandit. That adored, but completely spoiled, house panther still hasn’t come-up with a single usable plot despite hours lounging near the keyboard. He just whines about there not being enough books starring rescued black cats. He better be careful what he meows for, however, or he may find himself paired up with some cute little squirrel or adorable quokka in some children’s series. Would serve that impish feline right.

* Lisa previously wrote under the nom de plum, TKStarr, but retirement has also meant she can finally reclaim her name and write as LLKaplan.



Slowburn – Book 1

Casey McKittrick prosecutes rapists, murderers, gangs, and thieves. But not arsonists. At least not willingly. Arsons are too close to the secret Casey’s kept all her remembered life. Her guilt and shame that decades ago she killed her whole family in a fiery inferno. But that secret is no longer safe. On the 30th anniversary of the fire, Casey takes on a “slam dunk” homicide. The case quickly unravels however. After Casey’s partner lands in a coma and her boss disappears, Casey learns the homicide victim’s deep past also holds a secret, the truth to the murderer’s motive. Casey reluctantly decides to ask for help, grudgingly trusting Walker Kelly, a seasoned Cleveland detective who would like to be more than an occasional work partner. Casey starts delving deeper into the twisted connections between the victim’s past and present. She has to hurry though, for her own past is catching up, threatening to consume her. Casey’s only chance in solving the case and saving herself is to face the past, both the victim’s and her own. Only by questioning everything can she hope to douse the slow burning flames of a killer’s vengeance and finally put the past and the victim to rest.


Illusion – Book 3

Casey is back at the Prosecutors heading up a new federally funded joint task force aimed at clearing cold felony cases in conjunction with the National DNA project. She has left the running of her non-profit bakery, Pastry Forward, in the hands of one of her partners as she must show results on the task force or the federal funding will disappear in a year. Casey has done well, but still doesn’t need any complications when her colleague, and boyfriend, Lieutenant (former Detective) Walker Kelley waltzes in with his own "cold" case. The case was closed a suicide, but Walker’s old partner didn’t buy it. On his death bed, the former partner begged Walker to find justice and closure for the family. Walker asks Casey to test some of the old evidence with the specially accelerated DNA processing available to the task force. Casey gives her cautious permission, but warns Walker that if it comes back negative, he’s on his own, she won’t spare any more resources.

But when the DNA comes back positive, it is clear this was no suicide. Still, Casey struggles with taking on the case. The last thing she needs are problems and this case involves a potential federal cover-up and possible espionage. But Walker wants justice and closure and Casey knows, however inconvenient and messy it may become, it’s the right thing to do. She reminds Walker, however, that closure can be elusive in the most recent of cases even where there’s justice.  But in a cold case, where the facts are not always what they seem, closure can be deadly and justice a mere illusion.

Downfall – Book 2

Murderers, corruption, and psychopaths. Ineffective judges, nullifying jurors, and power-hungry politicians. Casey McKittrick is tired of them all. She has taken leave from her job at the Prosecutor’s Office to recover and reconsider her life after the last case almost cost it. With her best law school buddy Lindsey in tow, they take an exclusive Masters Pastry class at the internationally prestigious Gourmet Academy of New England in Vermont. Unfortunately, she can’t seem to escape murder even in the kitchen. Just days before graduation, Lindsey and Casey find the headmistress dead in the kitchen sink. At least they think it’s the headmistress. Who can tell when she’s dressed in pink Chanel with her head submerged in a vat of cake batter? Pumpkin cake batter to be exact. When the lead detective on the case asks Casey for her assistance, Casey hesitates only moments before saying yes. Maybe she doesn’t have murder out of her system after all. The tangled case touches humanity at its greedy worst, but there is a light at the end of the sinuous tunnel for both Casey and the investigation. The light is dimming though. She must expose the lies and deceit as well as solve her own personal puzzles before the tunnel collapses, smothering  her in its downfall, forever buried in its secrets.

Waldo: An Ohio Turkey Tale

Waldo has long wished for adventure, but wishes are tricky things. What you wish for is not always what you need, and what you get is not always what you expect. Waldo finds this out the hard way. Now, in order to survive this adventure, he has to remember everything Cow taught him, including how to trust. If he can do it, he just might be granted the best wish of all.

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